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Hail Damage Repairs Made Easy with PDR and Insurance Claim Support at New Image PDR

Learn how easy it is to get hail damage repair and file for insurance claims

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is the preferred method for repairing hail dents and dings on a vehicle because it is fast, effective, and cost-efficient. This technique requires no sanding, body filler, or repainting of the car’s panel; instead, it uses special tools to push down and massage out the dent from behind the panel. This […]

Hail Repair in Melissa, Texas

Try PDR for hail damage repair on your vehicle in Melissa, Texas

One of the most frustrating things you can ever experience in your life is waking up one fine day and noticing that your car has got hail damage. It is something unthinkable to you when living in Melissa, Texas but it happens to the best of people and there is only one solution available to […]

Hail Repair in Anna, Texas

Try PDR for hail repair on your car in Anna, Texas

You can’t do much with hail damage on your automobile and it’s only natural that you feel distraught and angry at the world when you notice that your car has been damaged beyond recognition by hail. It is a frustrating thing to deal with and one that can make your life difficult. However, all is […]

Hail Repair in Allen, Texas

How to get hail damage repaired on your car in Allen, Texas?

There is nothing worse than waking up one day and learning that your car has got hail damage because it was standing outside during a hail storm. At times like these you dread taking your vehicle to the auto body shop because you know that it is going to cost you a lot of money […]

Recent Hail Storm in Rockwall, Texas

On December 13, 2022, a hail storm hit the city of Rockwall, Texas. The storm brought large hail that damaged homes and vehicles in the area. If you have hail damage, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage. One company that you can trust for hail repair […]

Hail Repair in Plano, Texas

Trust PDR for hail damage on your car in Plano, Texas

Hail damage on your vehicle can leave you scratching your head not knowing what to do and how to get the car repaired with the most minimum impact on your wallet. Most drivers in Plano, Texas are finding that the best course of action for them would be to acquire paintless dent repair. It’s a […]

Hail Repair in McKinney, Texas

How to get your car repaired after hail damage?

It can be unfortunate to suffer hail damage on your automobile in McKinney, Texas but that is something you must be prepared for at all times. If you can’t afford to park your car underneath a shade or some awning you are always at the risk of suffering hail damage if a thunderstorm or hail […]

Hail Repair in Frisco, Texas

How to repair hail damage on your car in Frisco, Texas

It can be frustrating to deal with hail damage on your vehicle, particularly because it ruins the overall look of your vehicle. However, you don’t have to worry about it anymore because paintless dent repair is the solution you need for hail repair in Frisco, Texas. It is an affordable and trustworthy method of repairing […]


This Door was SMASHED!!! Thru the body line with some nasty, sharp, stretched dents all around it. Very complex repair process!! 1. Remove dent 2. Make customer Happy 3. Repeat For a quick quote, please call or text your dent photos to (214) 635-9930 Experienced – Certified Dent Tech Since 2004  #smashed #paintlessdentrepair #pdr […]

Choosing the right Auto Hail Repair Company

  Hello Everyone I want to take a minute to introduce myself.  My Name is Adam Gaston and I am a Paintless Dent Repair Technician and Shop Owner in McKinney Texas.  We Service Collin County and All surrounding Areas including Frisco, Plano, Allen, Richardson, prosper, Aubrey, Celina, Melissa, Van Alstyne, Dallas, wylie, rockwall, Farmersville, Blue […]